FENNEL Hotelava complete roster with miNt and Yui

miNt and Yui will make their professional debut with Japan-based FENNEL Hotelava.

JAPANFENNEL Hotelava finalized their roster ahead of the VCT Game Changers Japan circuit with the inclusion of Jeong “miNt” Ye-rim and “Yui”. The team had been depleted to just three players after losing Seina “KOHAL” Migita to ZETA DIVISION GC as the two organizations agreed on a deal for the in-game leader. 

miNt’s first appearance on the VLR database was in March when she participated in the WCG VCL Korea Split 2 open qualifier with KIDZONE. The 16-year-old reached Radiant at 15 and built her reputation as an up-and-coming talent primarily through her streaming activities, attracting over 58 thousand subscribers on YouTube and 66 thousand followers on Twitch.

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(Video courtesy of FENNEL)

The talented youngster will now have a chance to prove her worth in a competitive environment alongside the players that represented East Asia in the 2022 VCT Game Changers Global Championship. “I have joined FENNEL GC as my first professional team! I will work hard to achieve good results in tournaments and show my best performance. Thank you for always supporting me. I will do my best!” miNt stated on Twitter

Yui remains relatively unknown in the Game Changers scene, with no previous record of competing at the level covered by VALO2ASIA and VLR. Nevertheless, she is the organization’s top choice among the candidates they have scouted. “I am pleased to announce that I have become a member of FENNEL. I still have many areas where I am inexperienced and lacking, but I will give my all and do my best! Thank you for your support!” she said on Twitter. 

A statement issued by FENNEL revealed that the Game Changers team will strive for the VCT Game Changers Japan circuit trophy and surpass the previous record of a top-eight placement in the Global Championship event this year. 

miNt and Yui will soon be taking on the GC’s best in official matches
(Photo courtesy of FENNEL)

Haruka “Curumi” Tajima shared her excitement on Twitter about playing alongside the incoming duo. “Yui and miNt are both strong and cute, and we have fun and work hard every day. We are practicing every day for the competition so that we can bring out the best of both of them and the existing members, so don’t worry!” 

miNt and Yui will make their first appearance donning the FENNEL jersey in the VCT Game Changers Japan Open Qualifier from July 14-16. 

FENNEL Hotelava now have the following lineup: 

  • 🇯🇵 Haruka “Curumi” Tajima
  • 🇯🇵 Kasumi “Len” Owatari
  • 🇰🇷 Park “Festival” Ga-yeon
  • 🇰🇷 Jeong “miNt” Ye-rim
  • 🇯🇵 “Yui
  • 🇯🇵 “Rader” (Coach)

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Cover photo courtesy of FENNEL

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