FULL SENSE qualify for Champions following Last Chance Qualifier victory

FULL SENSE’s triumph brings another Southeast Asian team to Champions after the qualification of X10 Esports and Team Secret early last month.

FULL SENSE took down Northeption 3-2 (Ascent 9-13, Icebox 13-11, Bind 18-16, Split 13-7, Haven 13-8) in the grand final of VCT Asia-Pacific Last Chance Qualifier, assuring themselves a spot at the VALORANT world championship in Berlin, scheduled for December 1-12. 

In their four-hour slugfest, the Thai squad displayed remarkable endurance and ferocity. They rallied from a map deficit to win the series in a dramatic fashion, with back-and-forth scenarios from both teams, which ultimately led to FULL SENSE’s triumph on the final map. The two finalists upset some of the bracket’s favorites on their route to the grand final. 


Odds Were Against The Two Finalists

(Photo courtesy of VALORANT Esports)

Over the course of the event, Northeption, Japan’s fourth seed at VCT, were able to shock everyone by beating two Asian representatives at Masters 3: Berlin, F4Q and Paper Rex, as well as defeating FULL SENSE in the upper bracket final earlier in the upper bracket final. 

On the other side, FULL SENSE defeated REJECT and NUTURN Gaming before suffering a loss to the eventual tournament’s runner-up in the upper bracket, forcing them to play in the elimination match against DWG KIA to rematch the Japanese-Korean combination the following day. 

Unfortunately for Tenta “ten” Asai’s sides, their second attempt at taking on FULL SENSE backfired as the Thai side came more prepared than their last encounter and made fewer blunders in the highly contested battle that spanned all five maps. 

While Northeption got off to a stellar start with a win on the first map, FULL SENSE remained in firm control after a long-fought 34 round battle on Bind, which they lost, battering the Japanese-Korean side’s tactics to capture the last two maps and pull ahead 3-2 in the series, winning their first international title of 2021. 

VALO2ASIA MVP Award –  VCT Asia-Pacific Last Chance Qualifier

(Photo courtesy of FPSThailand)

The deadly duo of Kititkawin “PTC” Rattanasukol and Chanawin “JohnOlsen” Nakchain were in spectacular form, boasting a 266.9 and 259.8 Average Combat Score (ACS), respectively, to finish as the APAC LCQ’s top performers, followed by Northeption’s Seoldam at 255 ACS, and Paper Rex’s duo Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto and Benedict “Benkai” Tan at 246.7 and 243.1 ACS, respectively. 

(Photo courtesy of VALORANT Esports)

VCT Asia-Pacific (APAC) Last Chance Qualifier final standings:

🥇 1st🇹🇭 FULL SENSE👑 Champions
🥈 2nd🇯🇵 Northeption
🥉 3rd🇰🇷 DAMWON Gaming
🏅 4th🇰🇷 NUTURN Gaming
5th-6th🇸🇬 Paper Rex
5th-6th🇰🇷 F4Q
7th-8th🇮🇩 BOOM Esports
7th-8th🇮🇳 Global Esports
9th-10th🇯🇵 REJECT
9th-10th🇯🇵 FENNEL

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