Beginner – How to Play Astra in VALORANT

Learn everything you need to know to master Astra’s abilities and support your team with our comprehensive guide to playing Astra in VALORANT. Strategies, tips, and tricks included!

Today, we will go over the ins and outs of playing Astra, VALORANT’s 16th agent, known for her ability to control the battlefield with her powerful abilities. We will be discussing her abilities, strategies for using them effectively, and tips for playing as Astra to help you dominate the competition. 

Whether a new player or a seasoned veteran, this guide will give you the knowledge you need to master Astra and become a valuable asset to your team. So, let’s dive in and learn how to play Astra in VALORANT!

  • Astra’s passive ability, “Astral Form” allows her to observe the map from a bird’s-eye view to place or retract her stars. Instead of purchasing each ability of Astra individually, you will only purchase her stars at the start of the round, which will be refilled after each round. Players are allotted up to 4 stars per round and can choose to use them on any of Astra’s abilities.
Gravity Well (C)
  1. Gravity Well (C) creates a slight gravitational pull that pulls enemies towards it. Use this ability to pull enemies out of cover or to disrupt their aim. Gravity Well can be used to pull enemies out of their hiding spots, making them easier to take out. Additionally, you can use the ability to disrupt the aim of enemies, making it harder for them to hit your team.
Nebula (E)
  1. Astra’s Nebula ability (E) creates a large cloud of smoke similar to Brimstone’s that can be used to block off sightlines and disorient enemies. Use this ability to obscure the vision of enemies, making it difficult for them to see and aim at your team. Additionally, you can use the smoke to cover your team’s push, allowing them to move up the map without being seen.
Nova Pulse (Q)
  1. Astra’s Nova Pulse ability (Q) allows the player to deploy a tactical device that concusses all players in its area of effect, temporarily disorienting all players in the affected area. It can be activated from one of the stars placed and has a wide area of effect, making it an effective ability for gaining a tactical edge by disrupting the enemy’s vision and coordination, moreover if combined with Gravity Well to trap enemies. 

Additionally, the Nova Pulse can be used to create openings for flanking maneuvers, objective captures, or to cover a retreat. The ability also exposes the location of all enemies caught in the pulse, which could be used for intelligence gathering and positioning.

Cosmic Divide (X) (Ultimate)
  1. Similar to Nebula but on a larger scale, Astra’s Cosmic Divide ability (X) allows the player to deploy a barrier, dividing a designated area into two separate sections. The barrier is impenetrable, therefore neither players nor bullets can pass through it. The barrier can be placed anywhere on the map, offering strategic advantage to the team that deploys it by providing cover and limiting the enemy’s movement. Additionally, the barrier can be used to trap enemies or block off key areas, creating opportunities for flanking maneuvers or objective captures.

Tips & Tricks

Combine with other agents – Communicate with your team to coordinate Astra’s abilities. Her abilities can be very powerful when used in conjunction with other agents’ abilities. Communicating with your team allows you to coordinate Astra’s abilities with other agents’ abilities, such as a Sova’s Recon Bolt or a Jett’s Tailwind, to create a more powerful and effective attack.

Practice for common chokepoints and spots – Practice using Astra’s abilities in different situations to get a feel for their timing and effectiveness. By practicing using Astra’s abilities in different situations, you can get a feel for their timing and effectiveness, and be able to use them more effectively in matches.

Remember that Astra’s abilities are not only for offense but also for defense. Use them to block off choke points and control the battlefield. Astra’s abilities can be used to control the battlefield, not just to push forward and attack enemies. Use her orbs to block off choke points, making it harder for enemies to get to your team’s position, or use her smoke to obscure the vision of enemies, making it harder for them to see and aim at your team.

Timing – Do not overuse Astra’s abilities; they have a long cooldown. Use them wisely and at the right time.

Players to watch (not sorted in order)

NameCurrent teamUsage
Aaron “mindfreak” LeonhartPaper Rex(102) 34%
Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen(59) 17%
Anthony “vanity” MalaspinaCloud9(73) 28%
Shota “SugarZ3ro” WatanabeZETA DIVISION(75) 54%
Jake “Boaster” HowlettFnatic(47) 15%
Jared “zombs” Gitlin(77) 23%

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