VALORANT Masters Tokyo group distribution announced

The US$1,000,000 tournament will start with a GSL group stage, which will lead into a double-elimination playoff bracket. 

JAPAN – Riot Games has announced the group distribution for the upcoming VALORANT Masters Tokyo event.  The sole Masters-level event for the year will kick off on June 11 at the Tipstar Dome Chiba, starting with a GSL group stage followed by a double-elimination playoff bracket.

Team Liquid (EMEA #1), FNATIC (EMEA #2), LOUD (Americas #1), and Paper Rex (Pacific #1) had the higher seeds in the draw and have been directly placed in the playoffs. The second seed from EMEA also earned a direct spot in the double-elimination bracket due to their region’s victory in LOCK//IN.

The remaining eight participating teams have been divided into two GSL groups, where the top two teams from each group will secure their spots in the next round.

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NRG Esports and Natus Vincere have been drawn into the same group

Group A features NRG Esports and Natus Vincere as the main attractions, with their cores having previously triumphed in the 2022 Masters Reykjavík and Copenhagen, respectively. Completing the group are T1, led by Son “xeta” Seon-ho, and EDG, who will be participating in their third international tournament.

In Group B, DRX stand out as the clear favorites following their impressive 3rd-4th place finish at VCT LOCK//IN and securing the runners-up spot at VCT Pacific. This Korean powerhouse are accompanied by FGC Invitational Act I champions Attacking Soul Esports Turkey’s FUT Esports, as well as Max “Demon1” Mazanov-less Evil Geniuses.

The draw has thrown up two interesting match-ups in the first round as Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks will take on his former FunPlus Phoenix teammates who are now playing under the legendary Natus Vincere banner, while Attacking Soul Esports will face their first non-Chinese opponent in DRX. 

You can find the schedule for the VALORANT Masters Tokyo matchups below:

  • June 11, Sunday – Group Stage
  • June 12, Monday – Group Stage
  • June 13, Tuesday – Group Stage
  • June 14, Wednesday – Group Stage
  • June 15, Thursday – No Matches
  • June 16, Friday – Upper Bracket Round 1
  • June 17, Saturday – Upper Bracket Round 1
  • June 18, Sunday – Lower Bracket Round 1
  • June 19, Monday – Upper Bracket Round 2
  • June 20, Tuesday – Lower Bracket Round 2
  • June 21, Wednesday – Lower Bracket Round 3 & Upper Bracket Round 3
  • June 22, Thursday – No Matches
  • June 23, Friday – No Matches
  • June 24, Saturday – Lower Final
  • June 25, Sunday – Grand Final

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Cover photo courtesy of VALORANT Esports

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