by Gad Tan

We’re here to elevate the Asian VALORANT scene. From the passionate team that brought you CSGO2ASIA, this is VALO2ASIA.

VALO2ASIA aspires to be the new standard of professional Asian esports coverage. We are here to strengthen the Asian VALORANT ecosystem via innovative products and services such as tournament management, consultation, content production, and media coverage—connecting the world of competitive VALORANT to an Asian audience.

Our Team

Founded and managed by ex-professional players, cyberathlete team managers, advertising, and digital marketing gurus, VALO2ASIA is the culmination of years of experience in the world of esports through our founding members where every member of our team experienced the infancy of esports in the late 90s and early 2000s. Our shared passion and dedication to the competitive gaming world are what led to the formation of the VALO2ASIA movement.

The vision is to further develop the Asian VALORANT and competitive FPS genre, strengthening the foundations to form effective partnerships and nurture the community as a whole. We hope you join us on this adventure.

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