by Juandi

VALO2ASIA‘s mission is to be the new standard of professional Asian esports coverage. To maintain integrity and objectivity, VALO2ASIA and its staff follow a strict code of ethics to prevent conflicts of interest or perceived conflicts of interest wherever and whenever practicable.

VALO2ASIA is managed and wholly owned by IMPLS Entertainment, a private limited company incorporated in Singapore.

Since its establishment, VALO2ASIA is independent and impartial in its business and editorial decisions from other IMPLS Entertainment products, services, and subsidiaries. VALO2ASIA only shares editorial resources with its sister publication, CSGO2ASIA.

Internally, all IMPLS Entertainment staff must adhere to principles, procedures, and a clear set of rules to govern relationships between teams, subsidiaries, and working groups within our larger organization. We make every effort to achieve transparency and fairness throughout our decision-making processes.

Last updated: December 01, 2023

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